48" x 100' Standard Window Screen Roll

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  • PERFECT FIBERGLASS MESH WINDOW SCREENING for all screening applications: new and replacement window screens, window screen repair, screen door, porch screen, patio screening, insect screening, pet screen, patio screen repair, and other professional and DIY screening applications (Color: Charcoal Black)
  • EASY TO INSTALL anti-wrinkle fiberglass screen material features a flexible and durable charcoal fiberglass mesh that’s easy to work with and does not easily crinkle, crease, dent or unravel – these are perfect for custom window screens or other custom screening projects, much sturdier and easier to work with than aluminum screen or other types of metal mesh screen
  • EFFECTIVE INSECT SCREEN PROTECTION to keep out unwanted bugs and critters – the perfect mosquito screen and bug screen solution to ensure summer nights are enjoyed the way they were meant to be – relaxed and pest free
  • OPTIMALLY BALANCED DESIGN features 18 X 16 weave (apertures per square inch) dimensions that strike the right balance between effective insect protection, sun screening, and visibility – our screens give you the protection you need and the visibility you want
  • GREAT VALUE & WIDE APPLICATION the bulk screen roll of 100 feet by 36 inches of standard size, multipurpose mesh screening meets the needs of all screening applications – from windows and doors to patios, porches, outdoor kitchens, tree houses, pool houses and enclosures, and many other applications

DocaScreen Bulk Fiberglass Screen Rolls Offer Superior Protection, Quality, and Performance.

Optimally designed to balance insect protection, sun screening, air flow, and visibility, DocaScreen window and patio screening is perfect for all your professional and DIY mesh screening needs.

Whether you’re a contractor or embarking on your own personal screening project, DocaScreen provides the quality, durability, performance and value you need.

DocaScreen Fiberglass Roll — 48" x 100'

Charcoal Black Standard Screening Material
The Protection You Need. The Visibility You Want.
  • Strikes the right balance between effective insect protection, sun screening, and visibility.
  • 18 X 16 weave optimizes transparency, strength, and performance.
  • Standard vinyl-coated fiberglass provides great strength and elasticity. It will not crease like metal screen and is easier to install in frames using spline (sold separately) or in most screen-framing track systems. 
  • 48" size is ideal for windows, screen doors, and special projects.
  • Color: Charcoal Black
Simple to Use. Simple to Work With.
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Does not easily dent, crease, crinkle, or unravel
  • Soft and flexible in the hands
For All Your Screening Projects

From professional grade window and door screening applications to DIY or professional screened-in porch projects, our fiberglass mesh screens will meet the demands of your projects. The applications are endless:

  • Screened-in patios
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Window screens
  • Door screens
  • Pool enclosure screens
  • Porch enclosures
  • Tree houses
  • Sun rooms

The list goes on… Whatever your needs, we have the right screen for your project.