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Which Screen Do You Need?

Choose from three styles: Charcoal, Gray, and Pet

Choose from six different widths: 36", 48", 60", 72", 84", and 96"

Fiberglass Insect - Charcoal

DocaScreen Charcoal features a durable vinyl-coated fiberglass 18 x16 mesh that strikes the right balance between insect protection and air flow, between sun screening and visibility. This is our best-selling screen type and covers almost every application.

Perfect for most screen window, screen door, porch screen, patio screen repair, replacement, and new installation.

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Fiberglass Insect - Gray

DocaScreen Gray features the same durable vinyl-coated fiberglass with the same apertures per square inch but in a lighter shade to give you more color matching options.

Get the same insect repelling features to ensure those wonderful warm days and lovely balmy nights are enjoyed the way they were meant to be–relaxed and pest free.

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Polyester Pet - Charcoal

Designed for greater durability, especially for situations like high traffic doors and where pets or kids are involved. Made from vinyl-coated polyester which is both stronger and more elastic than fiberglass.

A denser 15 x10 mesh sacrifices some visibility for greater strength while continuing to perform its core function of keeping out bugs and critters.

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Do It Yourself

From repairs to new projects, with DocaScreen you can get the job started at a fraction of the cost.

Installation Tips

We're here to help pass along the most direct value to your customers. Contact us for quantity discounts.

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You can do this! All you need is your new screen, color-matched spline, a flat surface, tape measure, spline roller, and razor blade. Professional quality repairs and whole patio screening is at your fingertips.


Strong yet flexible anti-wrinkle fiberglass.

Durable yet nearly invisible once installed. 

Protection from critters while maintaining air flow.

Sun screening to enjoy the outdoors without the harsh rays.

Consistent quality at a fair price.

Easily add value to your home

Increase the usable square footage of your home.

Create an outdoor play area for pets, children, and family.

Protect loved ones from the elements in a enclosed space.

A cost-effective way to add appeal when selling your house.

Escape with a good book, take a restful nap, find some peace and quiet.

Entertain guests. Relax with family. Celebrate with friends.


Make your home safe from harassing flies, irritating mosquitoes, swarming bees, and stinging wasps.

Pests can stay outside and away from your family and guests while you enjoy your space.

Protected Indoors

 HIGH STRENGTH fiberglass and polyester
 OPEN aperture mesh for greater air flow
 NEARLY INVISIBLE for beautiful views
 FLEXIBLE for ease of installation

Shielded from the Outdoors

 DURABLE for resistance to the elements
 PROTECTION from bugs and pests
 SHADE from harsh solar rays

DocaScreen Mission

Our mission at DocaScreen is to provide high quality, affordable screening for both professionals and DIYers. Our direct-to-consumer business model bypasses distributors and retailers, enabling us to pass savings to our customers without sacrificing quality or durability. Whether it’s for a single window screen replacement, a new screened-in patio, or a project pipeline requiring thousands of rolls of screen, DocaScreen promises to deliver a premium product, at an affordable price, directly to your doorstep—or wherever the project requires.